Project Management

Project Management

The objectives of our project development service are to:

Provide a structured approach for the development of innovative ideas into actual innovation project concepts improve the quality of innovation projects through creative co-development provide guidance, improve the innovation process and reduce potential risks increase the probability of success of the innovation project

Project development is not focused on delivering a product, but on running a process. Where needed, we support the project development, with additional services that deliver a product, like technological intelligence, market and stakeholder analyses, cost-benefit analyses, and business planning.

How does our service work?

We propose a general approach to project development that can be customized depending on the situation and demand. Our project development approach consists of five consecutive steps, as presented in the figure below: scouting, ideation, feasibility analysis, building and conceptualization. Depending on your need, the full process or parts of the process may be implemented.

Interested in project development?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your opportunities. Our experts will be happy to take the time for informal chat. Please leave information at cbos@ciputra.ac.id